Front/End of Line Shirt and Pins Bundle (YOUTH)

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This shirt and pins bundle encapsulates the Schroedinger's Cat thought experiment of quantum superimposition perfectly! You aren't at the front, you aren't at the end.

Well, except for being entangled with a random subatomic event.... as far you know.

In our bundle you get one 100% Cotton Hanes black shirt with a 4 color image on front and back and two pins, one that says "FRONT OF LINE" and one that says "END OF LINE". Pins measure approx. 1.5” and feature a deluxe, clutch-back attachment fixture on the back to keep your pins safe and secure.



If your measurements fall between sizes, please order the larger size.


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MEN (Chest)  34-36     38-40        42-44       46-48         50-52    54-56


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YOUTH           6-8        10-12         14-16