Comic-Con Museum Long-Sleeved Shirt

Comic-Con Museum Long-Sleeved Shirt

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It's true that the Comic-Con Museum is in sunny San Diego. But we hear that sometimes in other places it gets something called "cold".

We're unfamiliar with this phenomenon, but advanced internet research done by real scientists familiar with the field of science tells us that a useful counter to this "cold" condition is "long sleeves"

We're supporters here of this new thing called science, and thusly offer this long sleeve shirt so you can be prepared if "cold" comes for you!

This durable and modern long sleeve shirt is currently one of the most popular long-sleeved garments on the market and it features rib sleeve cuffs and double-needle sleeves and hem.

Solid colors are made from 100% jersey, while Athletic Heather is made from 90% cotton/10 % polyester blend.